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A Species Survival Plan (SSP®) is a conservation program for various species administered through the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA®). Member zoos of the AZA® cooperatively participate in these SSP®s.   The goal of an SSP® is to maintain a genetically viable captive population, to maintain a demographically healthy population and to enhance the species conservation in the wild.  

The Ring-tailed Lemur SSP® consists of a Species Coordinator, a management group (whose members are from the participating AZA zoos), and advisors.   Through a Master Plan, the Ring-tailed Lemur Management Group makes breeding and non-breeding recommendations for each individual ring-tailed lemur. Various computer programs help with the process to recommend the best pairs for breeding to ensure genetic diversity and a healthy population. Basically it is a “computer dating service”.

The management group and advisors with the participating zoos also work on projects that involve education, veterinary care, behavior, nutrition, captive management, husbandry and field research.

This cooperative program is the result of a group of dedicated individuals and organizations with a common goal of ensuring that ring-tailed lemurs survive as a species.

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